Our Operations:


FB Mining & Lifting Equipment (Pty) Ltd has established manufacturing facilities in Rustenburg (NW), Steelpoort (LP) and Midrand (GP). Currently our Steelpoort and Rustenburg operations manufacture ventilation seal products and offer lifting equipment supplies and services, while our Midrand facility manufactures all our ventilation ducting products for distribution to our branches and directly to some of our clients. The Northern Cape region has been identified as our next expansion zone.



FB Mining & Lifting Equipment (Pty) Ltd offers a variety of products to service the South African mining industry with ventilation equipment. The company is committed to the design, development and production of high performance, primary and secondary ventilation products for underground mining and tunneling.  Drawing on three decades of experience and fully integrated manufacturing capabilities, we are well positioned to meet our customers’ quality, statutory and service requirements. Our products are:


  • Flexible PVC Ventilation Seals - the FBV800 Ventilation Seal.

  • Flexible Concrete Ventilation Seals - GorillaGrout Ventilation Seal.

  • GCCM Ventilation Seals - Concrete Canvas® (Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats).

  • Traditional Ventilation Seals - Poly, wire mesh and shotcrete.

  • Traditional Ventilation Walls – Bricks, mortar, wire mesh and shotcrete.

  • High Strength Barricades – MonsterMesh Barricade

  • Clear Ventilation Brattice - UltraSpec & StandardSpec Airlock Strip Curtains (“brattice”).

  • Ventilation Curtains – Poly curtains

  • Ventilation Doors – Steel and PVC ventilation doors.

  • Flexible layflat ducting.

  • Flexible spiral wire reinforced ducting.

  • Steel Ducting.

  • Dust Suppression Systems.

  • Refuge Chambers.

  • Waiting Places.

  • Toilets.



FB Mining & Lifting Equipment (Pty) Ltd has well trained, experienced and qualified personnel that will not only assess your equipment requirements and assist with the supply of our products, but also deliver a range of services to ensure maximum efficiency in ventilation.


  • Ventilation system assessments.

  • Ventilation measurement and control reports.

  • Site construction crews for the installation of seals, walls, barricades, brattice, curtains, doors, ducting, dust suppression and refuge chambers.

  • Repair programs for seals and ducting.

  • DMR Inspection readiness crews.

  • Ventilation management systems.

  • Qualified Ventilation officers and observers.